We get to know YOU, your career objectives, your unique value proposition, and your career history through an initial, no-obligation consultation

We'll talk about where you are in your career, where you want to go, and how we can help you achieve your career aspirations. 

We'll talk about your industry, the “hot-button” trends everyone’s talking about, and the things happening on the horizon in your sector. If you’re looking to refocus your career or transition to a new industry, we talk about ways your experience and skills are transferable to new areas.

We then schedule an in-depth, one-on-one interview where we identify your strengths, competencies, and the professional qualities most important in your search – the skills your target employers are looking for in their ideal candidates. We’ll discuss your professional history in detail.

We then develop a high-impact resume that tells a potential employer who you are and the value you bring to an organization, as well as the significance and impact of the work you’ve done in your career. We showcase your career contributions, highlight your achievements, quantify your accomplishments, and bring attention to your unique skills - we call them your "SUPERPOWERS", so that we can tell your professional story in a powerful and compelling way. 

Your resume is expertly crafted and designed to differentiate you in today's hyper-competitive job market, making you the "must-interview" candidate.  We strengthen the impact of your resume by ensuring your resume is optimized with the right keywords, in the right balance and the right context to work effectively with applicant tracking systems (ATS).

We’ll create a persuasive cover letter/introductory email for you, designed to generate immediate interest and motivate employers to contact you for that all-important interview.

Once you’ve aced the interview, you’ll need a thank-you letter, and of course we develop that piece for you, too. We can also create networking cards, bios, addendums, and more. We can recommend the right documents for your portfolio, ensuring you are fully armed with the right tools to conduct a successful search.

Once the resume is finalized, we’ll create your LinkedIn profile, optimizing the most important search tool in today’s job market to increase your chances of being seen by companies and recruiters.

The Resume Group provides all-inclusive solutions to help you succeed in today’s highly competitive, demanding job market.

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